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It seems like there was a list of hundreds of blogs to choose from, and each of them seemed interesting. I chose to focus on iLearn Technology because the quick info stated that the writer had started a school, Anastasis Academy, and that education needs to be “reinvented”.

I’ve never been much into blogging, unless if you count the celebrity-news blogs, but I aspire to be famous in the blogging-sphere; how will that happen if I don’t blog? I haven’t quite figured that out yet.

Since I’m new to educational blogging I was not sure what to expect. At first glance I noticed the blog, written by Kelly Tenkely, had a lot going on. Not in the sense that it was too busy, but it has options to follow Kelly on all various forms of social media (twitter, linkedin, etc), an option to subscribe to every new post, information on how to “become a fan” of Kelly, options to change the blog into 10 different languages, and 129 pages of blog posts dating back to her first post in 2007.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought this blog was immediately captivating. I explored some posts and even went back to posts written in 2012. I enjoy how Kelly has both personal posts about her school and what projects and activities they have done, as well as posts about many resources to use in the classroom. The latest post, written on April 5 was about a great app that helps kids build mental math skills, and another post I found on page 20 talked about different activities to do on the Smithsonian Wild website that is apart of the Smithsonian museums. This post had different ideas on how to integrate the site into your classroom and even tips on how to take the lesson a step further.

I think reading educational blogs is an inspiring thing. It allows for me to see other teachers ideas and how they handle their classroom. Reading Kelly’s blog is even more inspiring because she has taken education to a whole new level by creating a school in Colorado. She talked about how we should use technology to meet the needs of every student. I completely agree with the statement.

I hope that once I get my own classroom I am able to use blogs and gain ideas from people, even though I have never met them. That is the great thing about the internet and blogging! We are able to balance ideas off one another, from educator to educator, and share how technology and the resources available are being used in classrooms around the world.

Times are clearly changing and, even though I sometimes contradict myself, I hope I can remember this in the future and use technology in my classroom to my advantage.

That’s it for my first official blog post, happy schooling!



source: http://ilearntechnology.com/wordpress/



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